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Zodiac settles patent infringement against Evolve Group

October 25, 2018

Zodiac Group Australia Pty Ltd has settled its patent infringement proceedings against Evolve Group over the makeup of Evolve’s mineral product. Zodiac has released a statement on the settlement saying:

“Zodiac Group Australia Pty Ltd, a Fluidra Company, would like to announce that the Federal Court proceedings instituted by Zodiac against the Evolve Group for its patent infringement of Zodiac’s MagnaPool mineral patents by the Poolrite branded Revive minerals has concluded with a satisfactory out of court settlement.

“Under the terms of the settlement, it was determined that Zodiac’s patents stand and remain enforceable and that Evolve’s infringing products would be reformulated to no longer be within the patented range of the MagnaPool mineral blend, thereby strengthening the market position of Zodiac’s MagnaPool Mineral products as a truly unique, market leading and patent-protected product, unrivaled by others in the market for the treatment of mineral pool and spa water. Zodiac remains committed to defending its rights and those of its dealers where those rights are challenged.”



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